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Laser Cutting for Tubes and Profiles

Laser Tube Cutting System

SOCO’s new generation technology in fully automated Laser Tube Cutting Systems “ SLT-150”. SOCO has more than 30 years designing and manufacturing experience in tube cutting technology, especially in offering users the superior quality and highly flexible system for automatic production of tubes and shapes.

Automatic Bundle Loading System

SLT-150 equipped with SOCO’s unique intelligent interface software and fully controlled by IPC, SOCO SLT-150 can bring you the unparalleled operation and productivity in Laser Tube Cutting.
Specifications SLT-150
Cutting Capacity Round Tube ∅20 ~ ∅120
Square Tube ∅20 x ∅20 ~ ∅120 x ∅120
Rectangular Tube ∅20 x ∅20 ~ Max outer circle ∅150
Length of raw material (mm) 2000 ~ 6500
Max length of finished parts (mm) 2000 or 3000 (optional)
Max work piece weight on machine bed (Kg) 120
Max bundle weight (Kg) 4000