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Single End Chamfering (EF Series)

The SOCO EF series of chamfering machines extend up to ⌀115mm in capacity. These semi-automatic machines offer specific clamps for each tube size various tube profiles (EF-AC/115). The process is suitable for single tube end chamfering and is available for solid bars.


  • Evenly chamfers the inside, outside and face of the tube simultaneously.
  • Different rotation speeds for various materials and requirements.
  • 2 Step chamfering process:
    • First speed: Fast approach for time saving.
    • Second speed: Infinitely adjustable speed for smooth finish.

Double End Chamfering (DEF Series)

DEF Series

Double End Chamfering Machines

The DEF series of chamfering machines are ideal for working lengths of 25mm – 300mm. With an optional BTM loader, the machines offer a completly automatic loading, feeding and chamfering process.

FM Series

With the SOCO FM series for chamfering and length measuring, it is possible to simultaneously chamfer both ends of a tube with up to 3000mm in working length and measure tolerances as low as +/- 0.02mm.

Using an absolute length measuring system (against a calibrated piece), the machine may also be programmed to stop after a certain number of pieces fail to fall within the specified length tolerance.

With an optional BTM (Bundle Loading Magazine), the machine offers a completely automatic loading, feeding and length measuring process.