With the SOCO DEF-FA/52 chamfering machine, it is possible to simultaneously chamfer both ends of a tube with up to 2000mm in working length. With an optional BTM (Bundle Loading Magazine), the machine offers a completely automatic loading, feeding and chamfering process.

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    • Fully automatic chamfering system, with 2 types of loading magazines.
      • Rack – Sliding Magazine (Standard)
      • BTM – Bundle Loading Magazine (Optional)
    • External and Internal chamfering with facing in one process for double sides of tube with optional radius (round) chamfering.

    Versatility & Range

    • Working length can be set as short as 150mm up to 2000mm
    • Diameter ranges from 15mm up to 52mm
    • Suitable for tube and solid bars made from materials such as steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum.
    • Ability to I/O chamfer as deep as 15mm
    • Suitable for I/O chamfering, centering, deep chamfering and radius chamfering


    • Cycle times as short as 3 seconds
    • Patented feeding system for the work piece, ensuring a smooth process throughout
    • The rigid tool seat has been designed for durability, with easily ficable tool bits for longer working life.
    • 2 step chamfering process
      • First speed – Fast approach for time saving.
      • Second speed – Infinitely adjustable chamfering speed for smooth finish
    • The length tolerance of each working piece can be controlled within +-0.1mm through a cutting speed adjustment system
    • The machine bed’s heavy casting and head stock can absorb working vibrations, providing a continuous and stable operation

    Additional information

    Weight 880 lbs
    Dimensions 48 × 36 × 60 in