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FA Series


  • Vertical Slide for maximum cutting power and rigidity.
  • Electric Servo Feeding for +/- 0.05 – 0.1mm Cutting Length precision (per stroke).
  • Superior Gear Box design for maximum machine life and performance.
  • Flexible Gripper Feeding + Floating Carriage allow for maximum feeding precision even in material which is not perfectly straight.


  • Intuitive and User Friendly Interface with Touch Screen system on most models.
  • Ability to program multiple cutting lengths per bar.
  • Large file storage system.
  • Safety Covers for maximum operator protection and comfort.
  • Ability to use Flat and Bundle clamps for multiple tubes cutting.

MC 370 Series

MC 275 Series

Fast, Precise & Clean

Compared to band sawing, circular sawing is much more economical, faster in cutting, more precise, and leaves a cleaner finish.

Burr Free & Less Dust

Self-centering vise with two sides clamping to solidly hold the work piece and ensure a smooth and burr free cutting surface. Low operation noise and low pollution working environment.

Mitre Cutting

The saw head can be swiveled either direction at various degrees for mitre cutting, providing excellent precision in angle accuracy.

For Non-Ferrous Materials


  • Specially designed work tables with chromatic treatment which keeps the platform from scratching your material and rusting for at least 10 years.
  • Capable of 45º cutting of the intergrated aluminum alloy which is light weight and easily installable in minutes.
  • Variable saw blade feeding adjusting for shorter cutting time.
  • Oil mist system generated from the vacuum device provides excellent lubrication and cooling. It also prevents chips from collecting on the cutting areas.