This non ferrous cold saw features fully automatic, high precision, high speed circular sawing capabilities for tube, bar and various profiles.

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Standard Features

  • Rigid Structure with heavy duty steel fabricating base provides minimal vibration & precision cutting.
  • Designed for high power output performance.
  • Equipped with a digital read out unit for ease in setting the material feeding stroke (material cutting length).
  • Specially designed for changing clamping jaws easily and quickly.
  • Automatic cooling system provides enough flowing coolant to cutting position of workpiece, while the automatic oil mist system lubricates the saw blade surface.
  • Solid state electronic control unit PLC provides quality performance and convenient maintenance. * A numeric control unit can be added in case of special order.
  • The protective sensor is built-in to prolong the saw blade’s life and maintain safe operation.
  • Suited for cutting non-ferrous material: e.g. aluminum, brass, copper, PVC, carbon fiber, etc.
Specifications / Model MC-360NFA-DR
Cutting Capacity (mm)
  • Round Solid
  • Square Solid
  • Round Hollow
  • Multiple
  • ?90 mm
  • 175 x 50 mm
  • ?110 mm
  • ?25.4 mm x 4 pcs
Feeding Length
  • DR type: 6~600 mm (Up to 3 times feeding. total 1800 mm)
  • NC type: 6~550 mm (May be many strokes)
Cutting Speed Infinitely adjustable
Main Motor 5 or 7.5 HP, based on order
Saw Blade Size TCT Blade ?355mm, Bore ?25.4
Arbor RPM Standard 3500 RPM, with inverter 1500 ~ 4800 RPM
Cooling System Auto circulating cooling system or air-oil mist s ystem
Pressured Air 6 Kg/cm², 2500NL/min
Weight (Kg) 800
Dimensions (cm)
(L x W x H)
200 x 110 x 165
  • Vacuum chip collector
  • Power inverter for arbor speed changes


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