This cold saw has a standard, manually operated function with worm gear, which is connected to the motor shaft and directly drives the saw blade arbor. Manually feeding, clamping & cutting. Saw head can be swiveled in either direction, left and right, at any degree, and is clearly indicated on table vise. It has a self centering vise with a double clamping system and an automatic cooling system.

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    Burr Free & Less Dust

    Self-Centering vise with two sides clamping to solidly hold the work piece and ensure a smooth and burr free cutting surface. Low operation noise and low pollution working environment

    Fast, Precision & Clean

    Compared to Band Sawing, Circular Sawing is much more economical, faster in cutting, more precise,and cleaner finish

    Mitre Cutting

    The Saw Head can be swiveled either direction at various degrees for mitre cutting, providing excellent precision in angle accuracy

    Cooling System

    Equipped with electrical cooling pump and a large coolant tank to ensure excellent working temperature on the Saw Blade and the Work Piece, as well as a smooth cutting surface and longer blade life

    Specifications / Model MC-275F/PV/AC
    Cutting Angle 45° 90°
    Square Tube 70 x 70 75 x 75 85 x 85
    Rectangle Tube 70 x 80 75 x 90 85 x 85
    Angle Bar 70 x 70 75 x 75 85 x 85
    Solid Bar ?25 ?38 ?45
    Solid Square Bar 25 x 25 38 x 38 40 x 40
    Mitre Cutting 45°-90°-45°
    Main Motor A 2 & 1.4HP, 2/4Poles
    B 1.4 & 1HP, 4/8Poles
    Arbor RPM A 120/60
    B 60/30
    HSS Saw Blade Size ?250 / ?275
    Cooling System (HP) 1/8
    Pressure Air (Kg) PV/AC
    4 – 6
    Weight (kg) F           PV           AC
    180        190         220
    Dimensions (mm)
    (L x W x H)
    100 x
    750 x
    1100 x
    850 x

    Clamping Jaws:

    2 part clamps for thin wall tubing

    Roller Tables:

    RTI: Roller type material input stand
    RTO+MS: Roller type material output stand+adjustable length and stopper


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