This cold saw machine features a digital display of feeding length and programmable counter control panel with movements display for easy troubleshooting.

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    NC Line

    • 2Dmm ( V type Clamping Jaw ) – The Shortest Crop Length of any machine available in the market ( SOCO Global Patent – SN Models )
    • With the shortest crop lengths, the FA-111NC-SN I 127NC-SN models bring maximum┬ámaterial savings and more production


    • Vertical Slide for maximum cutting power and rigidity
    • Standard with Speed Inverter for speeds of 22 – 1DBRPM
    • Electric Servo Feeding for +/- 0.05 – 0.1mm Cutting Length precision (per stroke)
    • Capacity up to 127mm in Tube and 10Dmm in Solid Bars
    • Superior Gear Box design for maximum machine life and performance
    • Flexible Gripper Feeding + Floating Carriage allow for maximum feeding precision even in material which is not perfectly straight
    • Cutting Examples
    • O.D 50mm solid bar, L = 150mm, cycle time is 28sec
    • O.D 75mm steel tube, L = 139mm, cycle time is 11.5sec


    • Intuitive and User Friendly Interface with Touch Screen system
    • Ability to program multiple cutting lengths per bar
    • Large file storage system
    • Safety Covers ( optional ) for maximum operator protection and comfort
    • Ability to use Flat and Bundle clamps for multiple tubes cutting

    Additional information

    Weight 880 lbs
    Dimensions 48 × 36 × 60 in