This non ferrous cutting machine features numeric control, high precision, high speed with optional loading magazine for bar, tube and various extruded and non-extruded profiles.

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    Machine Features

    • High precision cutting: Rigid structure to reduce vibration.
    • Servo controlled material feeding: To ensure the cutting length tolerance to be within +/- 0.005″ (+/- 0.1mm)
    • Touch screen operation with friendly instructions.
    • High power output: High speed cutting and designed for mass production.
    • (Option) MU4 loading magazine, a fully automatic production line, saving man power and increasing the production rate.

    Specifications / Model HMC-600NFA-NC+MU4
    Cutting Capacity
    Round tube
    ?120 mm
    Round Tube Hollow
    ?204 mm
    Square Hollow
    175 x 175 mm
    Rectangle Hollow
    175 x 200 mm
    Multiple ?60mm x 4
    Material Feed
    By Electrical Servo, One Stroke 500 mm
    Cutting Speed
    Infinitely Adjustable
    Main Motor
    AC 15HP/4P
    Saw Blade
    TCT Blade ?400 mm – ?610 mm, Bore ?25.4
    Arbor RPM
    Standard 1740 RPM / 2780 RPM, With Inverter 1500-4800 RPM
    Cooling System
    Air-Oil Mist System
    Hydraulic System
    AC 3HP/4P 20L/20L Twin Pump (With Pressure30-50 kg/cm²
    200 x 185 x 185 (cm)
    Optional Accessories
    1. Chips Vacuum Collector
    2. Power Inverter for Arbor Speed Change
    3. Working Piece Discharge Convery Unit WDC 05
    • Vacuum chip collector
    • Power inverter for arbor speed change
    • Working piece discharge convery unit WDC 05


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