EF Series

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  • SOCO EF-AC/115

  • SOCO EF-AC/60

    SOCO Single End Chamfer Series, Model EF-AC/60. This Single End Chamfering machine is capable of chamfering up to 2 ½" Round OD. Chamfering one end of the tube at a time, with pneumatic vice grip and a three-point cutting head able to process OD, ID and squareness all in a single step.

  • SOCO EF-AC/80

    SOCO Single End Chamfer Series, Model EF-AC/80. With the same one-step process as EF-AC/60 our EF-AC/80 takes OD chamfering to 3 ½". This Single End Chamfering unit is equipped with a 3hp motor.