SOCO SB-90x5B-1S

This series of tube benders features CNC Tube bending with a capacity of up to ?88.9mm. Equipped with 5 individually programmable axis and 1 stack of tooling. The SOCO CNC 5B series brings the optimal tube bending power and accuracy solutions for the automotive, trucking, buses, boiler, ship building and heavy industries.

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    Machine Features:

    • 5 individually programmable axes
    • Max. ?88.9mm capacity
    • Individually controllable pressure die assists for each bending stack
    • Programmable 2 speeds early mandrel extraction
    • Each axis may be individually programmed during arm return mode
    • SOCO proprietary control software with IPC & Touch Screen
    • Built-in wiper die, pressure die and clamping die seats
    • High accuracy and repeatability (± 0.1mm /± 0.1° for all axes )
    • Ability for 1D Bending 1(*) and Roll Bending (**)
    • Single and multi-stacks models
    • Standard with Automatic Mandrel Lubrication System
    • Centralized greasing and lubrication system for all sliding areas

    (*) Depending on tube O.D. and elongation ratio

    (**) May be added by request – 2SV models

    Software Features:

    • Automatic springback compensation
    • Recapturing function for short lengths
    • Data entry for both XYZ and YBC coordinates
    • XYZ to YBC coordinates conversion
    • YBC to XYZ coordinates conversion
    • Arm return programming mode (Overmode)
    • Arc Radius calculator for large radius bending
    • Carriage Boost settings’ page for 1D Bending
    • Ability to use Positive and Gripper Mode Feeding in the same part
    • Fi le management for parts and tooling
    • Data storage of files ( 2 million files , 50 bends per file ) ( * )
    • 3D display and rotation of parts
    • Mirroring and image reversal of parts
    • Ability to edit files while Bending
    • Windows platform
    • Self diagnostics + Error messages display
    • Connection and Auto compensation to CMM systems ( ** )
    • Simultaneous opening of files ( 4 files at one time )
    • Programmable mandrel extraction and mandrel lubrication
    • Individually programmable axes
    • Multiple built-in action and bending sequences
    • Built-in internet connection for Remote troubleshooting

    ( * ) May be extended upon request

    ( ** ) On most CMM, non-contact probe measuring systems

    Additional information

    Weight 880 lbs
    Dimensions 48 × 36 × 60 in